Pretty in Pink
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Courtney McManaway Photography: Temecula Wedding Photographer

Pretty in Pink

I'm not sure exactly what it is with girls, but I RARELY have a hard time getting the ladies posed on a wedding day! Perhaps it's years of being in each other's weddings, perhaps it's being part of a sorority, or maybe it's simply we all learn how to "look and laugh" at each other at some point! On Ryann's wedding day, her crew was no exception! We captured these images shortly before Ryann + Matt's "first touch." Part of being a wedding photographer is taking advantage of every possible opportunity because the minutes just fly by on a wedding day! It's part of why I take such an active role in helping you with your timeline - careful planning means much less stress on your big day!

You can see all of the images from Matt + Ryann's day below!

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