You Light Up My Life
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Courtney McManaway Photography: Temecula Wedding Photographer

You Light Up My Life

Wedding receptions are one of my favorite parts of the day as a wedding photographer. For couples, at this point the pressure of the day is off and you can truly enjoy your friends and family!

When I describe how I cover a day, this falls into the candid portion of the day, when I'm stepping back and capturing moments as they naturally unfold. During certain portions of the day, like your getting-ready photos or wedding party photos, I take a much more active hand in helping you to get in good light, or get in a cute snuggly cuddle so I can capture your laughter and sweet moments together!

Your reception photography is largely unposed, although it's part of my job to set up the best lighting to allow you to "pop" in photos. The flash in the background is just popping through and I love how it enhances this moment with the bride and groom!