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Ryann + Matt’s Temecula estate wedding was one for the books! Their wedding took place at Oak Creek Ridge, a gorgeous 13-acre property in the heart of Temecula. This outdoor wedding venue had everything Ryann + Matt needed to have an incredible wedding day, including 3 houses to accommodate their family and guests, a beautiful shaded ceremony space, and an open courtyard for their reception and first dance! As a Temecula wedding photographer, I was super excited about all of the incredible photo opportunities, from the mature oak trees to the stone steps and bridge, and the boulders overlooking the Temecula Valley! A perk to the whole day was that Ryann + Matt had the whole property to themselves which made the day extra special and intimate!

To learn more about Temecula estate weddings and how they can be an awesome choice for your day (and why they might not be the right choice either), click the link below to jump!

Temecula Estate Wedding Tips

Matt started off in a small house on the property where he was getting ready for the day with his groomsmen.

Groom Getting Ready in Suite at Temecula Estate Weddingtemecula-estate-wedding_0002temecula-estate-wedding_0003temecula-estate-wedding_0006temecula-estate-wedding_0007

Meanwhile, Ryann was at one of the other houses on the state getting ready with her girls! Isn't she luminous?

temecula-estate-wedding_0004temecula-estate-wedding_0005Bridesmaids Celebrating at Temecula Estate Weddingtemecula-estate-wedding_0009

She couldn't stop smiling all day! 😁


I've now photographed a few weddings where the couple has chosen to read personal vows to each other before the ceremony! Some couples choose to do this with a first look; in Ryann + Matt's case, they didn't want to see each other before the ceremony so they chose to read vows to each other holding hands. ❤️️ They also had their immediate families and wedding party there! This can be a private moment as well, but I thought it was very sweet they chose to include their closest family and friends!


Ryann + Matt got married in August - as you know a very hot time of year for a Temecula estate wedding! However, their ceremony was set in a shaded area in a grove of trees. The perfect setting in which to get married!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Temecula Estate Weddingtemecula-estate-wedding_0024

One of my favorite things to do during the ceremony is looking to the couples' families to see their reactions. I love to capture the laughter and tears of them enjoying seeing their daughter or son get married!

temecula-estate-wedding_0026temecula-estate-wedding_0025temecula-estate-wedding_0029temecula-estate-wedding_0028First Kiss at Temecula Estate Wedding

One of my favorite shots of the day! How psyched is Matt? 😁


Gents, get you some groomsmen that will lift you up, both figuratively and literally! 😆


Just around the corner of this estate was a gorgeous area with boulders and a swing and the light was coming in juuuuuuuuust right!

Wedding Party at Temecula Estate Weddingtemecula-estate-wedding_0042temecula-estate-wedding_0045temecula-estate-wedding_0044temecula-estate-wedding_0047temecula-estate-wedding_0048Bride and Groom Walking at Temecula Estate Wedding

Ryann + Matt sat down on this swing and their entire bridal party snuck up behind them!


Bride and Groom on a Swing at Temecula Estate Weddingtemecula-estate-wedding_0054temecula-estate-wedding_0059temecula-estate-wedding_0057temecula-estate-wedding_0056temecula-estate-wedding_0058temecula-estate-wedding_0046

Ryann + Matt also had an outdoor reception. Their decor was a perfect fit for the setting; a mix of wood slabs topped with modern geometric candle-holders, colored vases with baby's breath, and hearty succulents.

Temecula Estate Outdoor Wedding Receptiontemecula-estate-wedding_0062temecula-estate-wedding_0067temecula-estate-wedding_0064temecula-estate-wedding_0063temecula-estate-wedding_0068temecula-estate-wedding_0065

Let's get this party started!


Because Ryann + Matt had an August wedding, they had the benefit of a later sunset time. So during dinner we were able to take them out to the peak of the property - a beautiful setting with boulders overlooking the Temecula valley.


Bride and Groom Walking Among Boulders at Temecula Estate Wedding


Temecula Estate Wedding

Sooooo one of my favorite parts of the wedding day, from a personal perspective, is the toasts! Why? Well this is when I learn a bit more about how the wedding party and friends and family know and love the newly married couples! There's always guaranteed laughs and tears as well!

Outdoor Reception at Temecula Estate Weddingtemecula-estate-wedding_0084temecula-estate-wedding_0080temecula-estate-wedding_0082temecula-estate-wedding_0079temecula-estate-wedding_0085temecula-estate-wedding_0087temecula-estate-wedding_0088

The evening ended with Ryann + Matt exiting out of a tunnel made by their wedding guests! Congrats, Ryann + Matt!

Reception Exit at Temecula Estate Weddingtemecula-estate-wedding_0097temecula-estate-wedding_0098Silhouette Image of Bride and Groom at Temecula Estate Wedding

Venue: Oak Ridge Creek // Photographer: Courtney McManaway Photography // Florist: V.I.P Florist // Catering: Temecula Catering DJ: DJ A-Rok // Baker: Sensitive Sweets // Bridal Attire: Layah's Bridal Boutique // Groom Attire: Friar Tux // Hair & Makeup: Deep Roots Salon // Rentals: Allie's Party Rentals

Temecula Estate Wedding Planning Tips

I've found over the past few years more couples are gravitating towards estate weddings! Some of this is practicality - couples may have a downsized guest list and not able to meet a venue's minimum for food service, for instance. There are some great pros and cons to considering this path for your wedding day, too!

Pros to a Temecula Estate Wedding

Some Cost Savings in Terms of Food & Drink Service

One of the biggest parts of your budget on a wedding day is providing food and drinks to your guests! When you're getting married at an estate without an in-house or preferred catering service, the world is your oyster! You can offer something outside of the ordinary - maybe your guests would enjoy barbecue food! Bar service will also save you quite a bit. Many bartenders allow you to purchase your own alcohol. Instead of having a full bar, you could offer beer, wine, and perhaps a signature cocktail!

Use of the Venue for Your Wedding Day

Ryann + Matt's venue was both a wedding day estate, AND had rooms they and their closest family could stay in on the wedding day! This was super convenient to be able to start the day with everyone on site. Additionally, at an estate you'll have exclusive use of the property as most are not regularly open to the public.

Creativity in Your Wedding Plans

If you're looking for something different or offbeat, an estate may be the way to go! You likely won't be bound to a specific reception area or have more freedom in setting up your decor.

Cons to a Temecula Estate Wedding

You'll Need a Coordinator

Flexibility can be a double-edged sword, and in this case, you'll absolutely want to have a coordinator if you go to an estate! While it may be tempting to save money in this area and even have some friends or family help on coordination during the day, you won't want to deal with the stress or unexpected surprises! Here's a partial list of items and services that will need to be coordinated:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens
  • Florals
  • The best place for services to stage: catering, bar, and DJ to name a few
  • Food & bar service
  • Set up of ceremony area and reception area
  • Breakdown of the ceremony area and reception area
  • Depending on the size of the estate, helping guests with parking and navigating to the ceremony space
  • Bathrooms (some estates may not have convenient restrooms for your guests)

You'll Need to Ensure The Property Has Everything Your Wedding Vendors Require

Your DJ will need an ample power supply, and your caterers and bartenders will need power as well. Caterers may require enough space for an entire kitchen set-up, or be aware of the challenges the property might pose. Vendors will also need to know the "load-in" area for bringing in rentals, food service, and their equipment. This is for a typical wedding with 100+ guests; of course, if you're having a more intimate affair, you might not need these services at all!

The best way to ensure a space meets your needs is to not be the first wedding on the property! If you know they've already hosted a full-scale event, they can likely accommodate your wedding as well. Again, a planner will be priceless here in ensuring you don't experience any last-minute issues on your wedding day!


Oak Creek Ridge had ample parking for all the guests attending. If you're getting married at a more typical property, there may not be enough parking for your guests. You may want to coordinate a transportation company to get your guests on-site, if that's the case.

Event Permission

It goes without saying - you want to ensure the estate owner knows you will be having an event at their property! Be aware of any restrictions or if there's a local noise ordinance.

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